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Project Spark: Heads Up Display

Team Dakota | Microsoft Studios

The design philosophy behind just about everything in Project Spark, was that all content was hand crafted. We wanted to instill the creativity of craftsmanship, and to stray away from mechanical, precise and straight-edged design. Therefore, our UI elements in the HUD were made out of natural crystal and rock, and had the feeling that they were made within our Project Spark universe.

Players also had the ability to build custom heads up display UI for their game. This meant, from a design perspective, that all the individual elements had to mesh together depending on how the player wanted to customize their HUD.

I worked closely with our concept artists and art director to nail down two versions of HUD assets. One set was our “core” set. The core set was intended to be the HUD that shipped with the game. The other set was our "Fantasy" set. The fantasy set was meant to show how the HUD elements could be skinned for possible DLC that we could sell.

Project Spark Heads Up Display
Project Spark Heads Up Display
Project Spark Heads Up Display
Project Spark Front End UI